We Only Sell Top of the Line Systems

Car Wash Services


Each site is a little different and there are specific needs that have to be met and our sales staff works with the customer to meet those needs. Helping to determine what is the best solution for the customer’s site. We represent many manufacturers’ equipment and attempt to get the customer what is needed for their site.


Banks & Co. technicians are well trained in working on the customer’s equipment. Our technicians are looking to get the customers equipment repaired and back washing cars as quickly as is possible. Our warehouse and service vehicles are well stocked to handle most of the problems that we encounter.



Our installation crews are trained on the best installation practices for the equipment that they are tasked with installing. We strive to work safely and quickly as is possible. The equipment is installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications. With years of experience, we are well suited to handle most installation situations.

Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance program is used to keep the equipment in good working order and locate problems that maybe happening with the system. If items look like they are wearing incorrectly or abnormally, we bring the problem to the attention of the customer. Hopefully, we can avoid down time on the equipment by identifying problems before they happen.

Bay Cleanings

Our Bay Cleaning service keeps the customer’s bay looking presentable for their customers. In the car wash bay, dirt and grime gets blown everywhere. Our service cleans the walls up to ten feet from floor and the car wash machine. People believe that if the bay is clean then the car wash is going to a better job of cleaning their vehicle.



We have a couple of different lines of chemicals to meet our customer’s needs. We strive to have effective chemicals that meet our customer’s cleaning needs and still remain cost effective. We make sure that we are using only chemicals that are approved for the equipment that they are using. We sell chemicals from Turtle Wax, Simonize, Entire Car Protection (ECP) and as well as other lines.



Car washing is a relationship business.  
It is important to set mutual expectations early in the process.