Banks & Co. is a distributor of Gilbarco/Veeder-Root petroleum equipment. We sale only the equipment that is dependable and quality equipment. Our customers need to focus on their customers and we install their systems to be as dependable and carefree as is possible.


Banks & Co. technicians are trained on all of the equipment that we work on. Our training comes from the equipment manufacturer or their factory representatives. Many of our classes are held at the factory or a factory approved training facility. All of our technicians are ICC certified.



Banks & Co. installation employees are ICC certified and knowledgeable about the equipment that we install. With 30 plus years in the business, our supervisors know what needs to happen to make sure that the installation is safe, correct and functioning properly.
We can help our customers with the design of their systems. We can develop the drawings in house with our CADD system.


Banks & Co. is respected by the inspectors as a company that wants to do what is best for the customer. We handle the vapor recovery testing needs for all fueling systems, aboveground and underground. With years of testing experience, we are always looking to help our customer stay in compliance.